Salam everyone,

I have put up a page of my HES (Health Equity Selective) report that I did last year when I was in 3rd year of Medicine. You can click on the page just next to the ‘About Me’ icon.

Alhamdulillah, my report got nominated for an award and I have to compete with a few others for it. To be honest, I never really thought I would get nominated for my report….I did not put any application for consideration. So, this came as a pleasant surprise for me.

It doesn’t matter that much to me that my report was nominated….what matters most is that my report was put up in the uni education website (the Blackboard) and would be read by the 2009 3rd years as an example in making their own report, especially for those 3rd years who are doing Mental Health stream…Allah has given me the opportunity to give the Australians a glimpse of what an ordinary Muslim could accomplish.

In my report I included several Islamic values that might open everybody’ s eyes to the blessing of Islam in our daily life, God willing.

It was hard writing in English…but it’s much harder making people read your work and actually think it’s good enough. And for all that, I thank God. You got what you intend to get in the first place…and then, more.

In my case, I just wanted my reports to be read by the examiners…and possibly change a few misconceptions about Islam in the mind of the examiners.

And then earlier this year, I got an email from Dr. P that she would like to show my report to Dr. D because Dr. D is interested in cultural differences in medicine.

And then earlier this semester, I got an email from Lou asking for my permission to put my report in Blackboard as a standard example of how HES report should be written.

Alhamdulillah….It feels good to know that your effort pays off. Now, all I hope is a good outcome out of all these. It may be too ambitious to hope that the whole 3rd year would suddenly open their eyes to the stupid media propaganda…but I am hoping that they would at least be less prejudiced about my faith.
Ya Allah, I am happy.