I haven’t update this blog for ages because I have been so very busy.

I think, I know what my problem is. I prefer reading a book much  more than writing reviews about it.

I prefer writing my own theories about how to make a good reading material rather than actually reading the theories taught out there in the established institution.

The truth is, I am not much of a good book reviewer.

For all those times that I have been silent, I have actually read too much books. More books than I care to review, some are excellent, some are good but many are bad too.

But like I said, I could not work up much enthusiasm writing a book review. Or rather, my enthusiasm is so very easily diminished. I guess, I will do a book review when I feel like doing it! I won’t make this into an obligation.

In the mean time, I have put up a page on Malay Medieval Literature. Feel free to check it out. We call Malay medieval Literature as ‘Sastera Hikayat’. It was a research that I did while I was studying in KMB, undergoing my IB diploma.

I am kind of proud of my research because I got 7 for it (the highest grade). Teacher Fotimah was proud that she was my supervisor even though I still remember how she was doubtful of my ability to do a good research on it.

Well, basically she was quite reluctant to allow me to continue with my research title.

But I insisted, of course. I was convinced that it would be a good research and Alhamdulillah, everything turned out well.

So please have a look under the page “Membela Sastera Hikayat”. Who knows, you might learn to take an interrest in our medieval literature and finally appreciate the ingenuity of the imagination possessed by our ancestors.