I beg your forgiveness when I scowl,
For, understand dear, how was I to smile,
The invisible chain holding me now,
prevents my running from mile to mile,
to reach them, my brothers and sisters,
to save the rest, if not others.

Forgive me if I scowl,
In my mind the judgment day,
The day I shall wail and howl,
When asked by HIM, “Hey,
what have you done to those who prey
on the Muslim bodies in Palestine lay.”

Forgive me, yet again,
For scowling incessantly so.
But how do I give words to my pain,
What shall I say for you to know,
How can I make you understand,
The powerful sentiment in my heart grow,
When saving my relations in Palestine,
my ability amounts to a near zero.

Forgive my scowl, now and forever,
I have no smile to bestow,
Not for you, nor any onlooker,
Until I can raise my head that is bent low,
Until I could look at myself in the mirror,
No smile for you; not ever.
-Afiza Azmee-

In remembrance of 2010 Flotilla Raid by Israel.