I am currently fascinated with reading Jeffrey Archer’s earlier works after having enjoyed most of his recent books.  At the moment, I have beside me “Honour Among Thieves”, a fascinating read, let me assure you….

…while at the same time trying to finish all Roald Dahl Short stories, insya Allah, in a few days time.

This has never been done before; me trying to finish two books at the same time and rushing like mad to meet my own imposed deadlines.

For even though I am currently on holiday, I will be facing a very important Medicine Rotation once the semester begins.

So an unprecedented event has occurred on this holiday, unlike on the previous ones; I actually have to study and revise all my old notes and every important common disease in this world.

Therefore, I have no other choice but to hasten up my pleasure reading…for how can I focus (or even start) on my serious reading when I haven’t yet squashed all the temptations in my vicinity. I am only human.

And like Oscar Wilde had said, “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”

But because I am a medical student, I have to yield to it within a specific time frame, beyond which I have to launch my personal jihad and start behaving like a serious medical student fascinated with medical facts.

And just to brighten up this posts with some colors…I give you the beautiful face of the two books I am racing against time to finish:

A great read, so far

I have enjoyed every single story in it, so far