My Profile

I am a Muslim, a final year medical student, a passionate reader and I write as a hobby. (a quick summary of who I am as a person)

And I would like to connect with all passionate readers in the World.

I have another wordpress blog @My Life Poetries That May Not Rhyme to write about anything I fancy, from the challenges of medical study to the filth of politics. But I often feel like I want to talk about books and I know a lot of my readers do not like that kind of posts so much…not everyone loves reading.

With that in mind, I decided to create a separate blog for reading and writing. And that’s the reason for the birth of TALES OF THE BIBLIOPHILE.

Because I am Malaysian, some of the posts might be in Malay and some of the reviews would be Malay reviews. So, expect that quite a bit.

I usually like to review an author…not a book. Because I always find that once I like a certain style of writing, I would like all the books written by that author. (this is not always true…some writers are not consistent in producing their works).

But if I only happen to read the work of an author for the first time, I would review the book itself, for I would have no idea just yet how consistent the author is.

So, depending on what I think is best, I would adjust my reviews, accordingly.

I might write some reviews of books that you ABSOLUTELY must read; I might also write about what I think of certain writers (in the humblest and kindest manner, I hope) and also about tips and tricks in choosing what to buy if your budget is very limited. I might also share my opinion on what I think makes a good book.

The purpose of this page is to help book readers out there to become more sophisticated in their reading habits and be more varied in their reading choices. I always think that reading book reviews helps you to decide whether or not you want to give any new author a try.

I am sure there are lots of people out there who are like me…they want to read as much as possible, but don’t have the money nor the time to wade through tons of new books in the market before stumbling into really good ones. When you choose to buy a book, you want to be at least 90% certain it’s going to be worth it. And trust me, plots and genre are not the only reasons that make a book worth reading…there are many other aspects you need to consider before deciding on whether or not you should spend your time and money on that book….and those would also be one of the things I would talk about in this page as well.

And please feel free to recommend any good books that you think would be worth reading. That would be greatly appreciated.

Insya Allah, these are my plans for this blog:

1)book reviews – some Malay novels, some English novels

2)Some non-fiction books because I do read them at times.

3)Ancient and current literature

4)My own short stories, poetry, essays and creative assignments.

Before you guys have too much expectation, please remember that I am a medical student. So, I don’t formally learn literature and arts. In fact I have never attended a creative writing course in my whole life.

But not being good at something should never stop anyone from doing it if they find it enjoyable regardless. So, this is why I write. Because regardless of my (lack of) ability in writing, I enjoy doing it immensely and I find it as a great relaxation technique, second only to my five daily prayers.

So to all passionate readers out there, welcome into the world of novels and be entertained with the tales of the bibliophile.


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